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 ====== BriCA ====== ====== BriCA ======
-BriCA (Brain-inspired Computing Architecture) ​は脳型計算基盤ソフトウエアです。+BriCA (Brain-inspired Computing Architecture)
-複数のモジュールが数値ベクトルで表現される(分散表現)メッセージをやりとりしながら動作します。+Modules in BriCA work in realtime while passing messages in numeric vectors.
-[[http://​wbap.github.io/​BriCA1/​brica1/​brica1.html|Version 1]] は Python ​で実装されています([[https://​github.com/​wbap/​BriCA1|APIソースコード]])。+[[http://​wbap.github.io/​BriCA1/​brica1/​brica1.html|Version 1]]  
 +is implemented in Python ​([[https://​github.com/​wbap/​BriCA1|Source Code]]).
-抽象化された形で接続(アーキテクチャ)を記述するためのBriCA言語も実装中です。+Here is [[https://​pypi.org/​project/​BriCA2/​|Version 2 (pip)]].
-  * [[https://​github.com/​wbap/​BriCA1 | wbap/BriCA1]] +<del>[[BriCA Language]] is used to describe modular architecture in an abstract form.</del>
-  * [[http://​wbap.github.io/BriCA1/ | Welcome to BriCA1’s documentation! — BriCA1 1.0.0 ドキュメント]]+
-==== 参考文献 ==== +**The purpose of the use and development of BriCA is to share cognitive architecture among researchers/​developers**.\\ ​ As BriCA offers a standard way of describing cognitive architecture,​ architecture with BriCA would be easier to be re-used and modified by people other than the creator. 
-  * [[https://kaigi.org/jsai/webprogram/2015/pdf/​2I4-OS-17a-1in.pdf|認知コンピューティングのための汎用ソフトウエアプラットフォームの設計と開発]], 高橋 et al. (2015)+ 
 +For collaboration,​ please read [[BriCA-related tasks]]. 
 +=== Document ​=== 
 +  * [[http://wbap.github.io/BriCA1| Welcome to BriCA1’s documentation! — BriCA1 1.0.0]] 
 +  * [[https://t.co/​5wZh7qDN4C"A Generic Software Platform for Brain-Inspired Cognitive Computing",​ BICA2015]]