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 This page describes potential tasks for collaborators. This page describes potential tasks for collaborators.
-  - BriCA Core\\ The development of the BriCA Core.  To be consulted. +  - BriCA Core\\ The development of the [[BriCA]] Core.\\  ​//To be consulted//​.
-  - BriCA Language\\ The specification available. +
-  - Machine Learning API Interface\\ ​To be consulted+
-  - Simulation Environment +
-     * PyGazebo based environment\\ Creating [[http://www.ratbehavior.org/​RatsAndMazes.htm|maze environments]] for rodent-level WBAs with PyGazebo for BriCA.+
   - [[Whole Brain Reference Architecture]] (WBRA)   - [[Whole Brain Reference Architecture]] (WBRA)
-     ​* ​Generating BriCA Language code from connectome ​data +     ​* ​We are creating ​data to describe WBA based on the Brain Information Flow Diagram format (see [[http://​bit.ly/​2T8KJ2D|the poster]]).\\  [[http://wbai2.xsrv.jp/mediawiki/index.php?​title=Special:​Categories|The data]] is accumulated on [[https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/​wiki/​Semantic_MediaWiki|Semantic MediaWiki]]. 
-        * Rodent connectomes\\ ref. [[http://www.neuro-s.co.jp/images/product/​5-151/​5-1515.pdf|"A mesoscale connectome of the mouse brain",​ nature (2014)]]\\ Data is available in the CSV format. +     ​* ​Data will be converted into BriCA stubs.
-        * Human connectomes\\ To be consulted +
-     * Visualizing BriCA language description\\ Topology may be visualized with, for example, ​[[http://gephi.github.io|Gephi]] via the GEXF format. +
-  - Creating WBA with BriCA +
-     ​* ​SeedWBA\\ Functional WBAs for the referential purpose.\\ To be consulted. +
-     * Casual WBA\\ Any functional architecture combining machine learning modules with BriCA\\ cfHackathon2015. +