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This page describes potential tasks for collaborators.

  1. BriCA Core
    The development of the BriCA Core. To be consulted.
  2. BriCA Language
    The specification available.
  3. Machine Learning API Interface
    To be consulted.
  4. Simulation Environment
    • PyGazebo based environment
      Creating maze environments for rodent-level WBAs with PyGazebo for BriCA.
    • Generating BriCA Language code from connectome data
    • Visualizing BriCA language description
      Topology may be visualized with, for example, Gephi via the GEXF format.
  5. Creating WBA with BriCA
    • SeedWBA
      Functional WBAs for the referential purpose.
      To be consulted.
    • Casual WBA
      Any functional architecture combining machine learning modules with BriCA
      cf. Hackathon2015.