Brain Reference Architecture (BRA)

WBAI had released the manual for preparing Brain Reference Architecture (BRA) as the standard notation for guiding the development of brain-inspired software . BRA is design data based on the mesoscopic anatomical structure of the brain, providing mainly structural specifications for software as well as functional hypotheses and neural phenomena [1].

A concrete example of BRA data has also been released. It is a pre-screening version* of the BRA data associated with the article [2] that describes navigation functions of the hippocampal formation. (* The official version will be released after an examination by WBAI.)

  • Hippocampal formation BRA data (pre-screening version): HPF.bra

BRA data plays a central role in “BRA-driven development” that embodies the whole-brain architecture approach promoted by WBAI to construct artificial general intelligence (AGI).

(cf. Reference Architecture (Wikipedia))

  • [1] Yamakawa, H. (2021). The whole brain architecture approach: Accelerating the development of artificial general intelligence by referring to the brain. In arXiv [cs.AI]. arXiv.
  • [2] Taniguchi, A., Fukawa, A., & Yamakawa, H. (2021). Hippocampal formation-inspired probabilistic generative model. In arXiv [cs.AI]. arXiv.
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