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As an NPO, WBAI welcome your collaboration.
There are many ways to collaborate with us.

  1. Sponsoring
    We always welcome your sponsoring \^_^/.
    You can also propose WBA related projects/events to sponsor.
    If you are interested, please contact us.
  2. Research Partners
    We welcome any research partnership that promotes the WBAI approach.
  3. Event Co-Hosting
    We welcome any proposal on co-hosting WBA-related events such as conferences and hackathons.
  4. Research on WBA
    Any research on WBA is welcome, whether it is with us or independent.
  5. Participating in our events
    We host hackathons regularly. We may host conferences in the near future.
  6. Volunteering
    • Volunteer Programmers
      We are currently working on the following projects.
      If you are interested, please contact us, though major activities are yet to come.
      • BriCA (computational platform)
      • Rodent-level WBA
      • Learning/Evaluative virtual environment
    • Wikification
      You can populate WBA-related articles on this Wiki and also make editorial corrections on written articles.
      You can create your account for yourself.
  7. Casual Discussion
    You can participate in casual discussion with us on our Twitter account.
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