Privacy Policy

The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (WBAI hereinafter) acquires, uses, and manages personal information (i.e., information that can identify specific individuals) appropriately in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, as well as other laws, regulations, and the guidelines established by the Japanese government.

Acquiring personal information

WBAI acquires personal information in a reasonable and fair manner within the minimum range for the purposes stated below.  WBAI acquires personal information based on the intention of information providers while presenting the purpose of acquisition to the providers.

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Using personal information

WBAI uses acquired personal information within the scope of the following purposes:

  • Services in line with its business purposes
  • Management operations such as communication among its members

Providing third parties with personal information

WBAI shall not provide acquired personal information to third parties without the prior consent of information providers except in cases permitted by law.

Managing personal information

WBAI endeavors to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction, and tampering of acquired personal information.  Note that personal information disclosed by providers themselves or already published is not subject to WBAI’s management.

Disclosing and/or correcting personal information

For a request for disclosure and/or correction of acquired personal information from the provider, WBAI shall disclose and/or correct it without delay after confirming the identity of the provider.

Changing the use of personal information

WBAI may change the use of personal information with relevance to the original use.
When changed, WBAI shall inform the providers of the change or announce it.

Revising privacy policy

WBAI may revise the privacy policy so that privacy protection will be effectively implemented, and post the revision on its website.

Inquiries about personal information

For requests and inquiries concerning the handling of the personal information, please use  the contact form.