Requests for Research

Requests For Research (RFRs) are selected projects that are expected to have a significant, valuable impact on state-of-the-art research and knowledge.

The RFRs presented here are jointly compiled by Cerenaut (former Project AGI) and the Whole-Brain Architecture Initiative (WBAI).  Our shared objective is to foster research into general intelligence.  The RFRs are selected to encourage research that we believe will help to realize human-like Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) via the whole brain architecture approach, which assumes that the path to AGI can be shortened by mimicking the macro-architecture of the brain.

The RFRs are substantial projects and we expect are best suited to individuals or groups with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Ability to program (e.g. simulations, technical models)
  • At least basic machine learning (ML) experience
  • Basic knowledge on the architecture of the brain (neuroscience)

But you don’t have to worry. For learning ML, there are ample materials on the Internet and in other forms. To get some background in neuroscience, you can start with the site here (CCNBook).
More importantly, you won’t work alone. You are encouraged to contact us before you start working on the requests. Then you’ll be part of our community where you can get support including resources (such as software and data) and advice. We can also help to link you with like-minded researchers so that you can attack these problems as a team.
If you start work on one of our RFRs, please provide a link back to our page[s] when you publish your results.

List of Requests

For the details of projects in the Status, please look into the corresponding RFR pages.

Posted Title Status
Continual Few-shot Reinforcement Learning Open
Left/Right brain in an RL agent Open
Left/Right brain, the hippocampus and episodic learning in AI/ML Open
Left/Right brain, human motor control and implications for robotics Open
March 2023 Active Vision Open
January 2020 Self-organizing neural network hierarchies Part 2 Open
January 2020 Improving episodic memory with disentangled representations Open/a project done
January 2020 Extending autoassociative memories Open
January 2020 Using Reinforcement Learning to discover attentional strategies Open/a project done
January 2020 Long-range navigation without perfect information using local reinforcement learning rules Open
September 2018 Left and Right Neural Networks – Inspired by our Bicameral Brains Open/a project ongoing
September 2018 Self-Organising Architectures Open/a project done
July 2018 3D agent test suite Open/a platform (PyLIS) made
June 2018 Improving Memory with a Hippocampal Model Semi-closed/a project to be published
June 2018 Decision-Making Open/an implementation made

More to come…


Q: If I work on the RFR, who owns the intellectual property (IP)? Am I free to publish my work?
A: You (and your team) own your work and full rights to your IP. We publish these RFRs to support and guide research into areas we find interesting. If you wish, we can help to promote your work.
Q: Can I publish my work?
A: Of course, anywhere you like. We can provide advice on write-ups and suitable journals or conferences.
Q: Which programming language should I use?
A: Since most machine learning frameworks nowadays use python, we recommend python. But if you would like to use another language, please consult us.
Q: Which machine learning framework could I use for these RFRs?
A: If you don’t have a preference, we are encouraging standardization around TensorFlow. Otherwise, please consult us. We accept submissions in all frameworks Besides, we also offer ‘BriCA‘, a ROS-like modularization framework to encapsulate multiple frameworks.
Q: Can I get a (cash) reward by doing one of the RFRs?
A: No, but if your research is good, we’ll tell people about it.
And you may want to apply for an annual WBAI Incentive Award after publishing your research.
Q: Should I make my code open-source?
A: It is up to you, but if you would like it to be recognised in the research community, making it open-source would help, and that’s what we expect. You can choose an appropriate licence here.


Public forum (for discussion, team-building and support): please use reddit here:

Other inquiries: please send your message to this address: rfr [at]