The General AI Challenge: We support ‘Solving the AI ​​Race’.

The Announcement from the WBAI – the 9th March, 2018


The technological development of AI is progressing day by day. It is thought that technologies such as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be able to greatly transform the world.

While various organisations participate in developing AI, as the race intensifies it also has the following risks:

  1. key stakeholders, including developers, may ignore or underestimate safety procedures and agreements preferring commercialisation in an early stage;
  2. the outcomes of the technology are not shared with a large number of people but with a selected, small number;

Good AI,  the R&D company based in Prague, Czech Republic, has created the General AI Challenge in order to solve the AI ​​Race and thus find a solution to reduce the risks associated with the AI race itself.


As an NPO, WBAI believes that the cooperative and open development of AGI on the brain architecture is effective toward the risks particularly for the risk 2) and promotes it.


To share and discuss these problems with more and more people, WBAI became a partner of General AI Challenge: Solving the AI Race.


WBAI is leading to the development of AI that harmonizes with human beings with every person.


We appreciate your kind cooperation.

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