The 2020 WBAI Incentive Award: Call for Applications

WBAI calls for applications for the Incentive Award to promote developments in the WBA field.  The award will be given to persons who achieved a (potentially) prolific result in promoting the development of brain-inspired artificial general intelligence (AGI), with the grant of 50,000 yen (JPY) (past awardees).

The detail of the call for applications follows.  The award will be presented in the 5th WBA Symposium to be held in Tokyo, Japan, planned in June, 2020.

The WBAI Chairperson

How to Apply:

Submit the information of your achievements (a summary and the list of published materials such as papers, data, and software) in research/development related to whole brain architecture from 2015 through 2019 from the application form.

* WBAI may request supplementary materials when necessary.


Any individual person (no restriction on the age or status), team, or organization

Application Period: