OpenAI: New open AGI developer is coming

Hiroshi Yamakawa, Chairperson of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (WBAI)

OpenAI, a non-profit research firm, was founded on December 11th based on a billion dollars of private funding. Their aim is to prevent AGI technology from being monopolized. (Ref. TechCrunch News)
We welcome their coming into the scene, as it is congenial to our vision for making AGI the common property of the humanity, with our slogan of “Let’s build a brain together.” Ben Goertzel, the Chairperson of the AGI Society, also emphasizes the importance of the open development of AGI in his blog “OpenAI – quick thought.
According to their open policy, OpenAI should support the community of open AGI development and disclose developed technology. We believe that the spreading of this trend is very good for the future of humanity. So we will be watching next moves from them.