“Animal-AI Olympics” Kick-off meetup

WBAI sponsors the “Animal-AI Olympics” competition (organized by Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence) that is being held in 2019 to recreate the intelligence of animals.  A  local kick-up meet-up was held in Tokyo on August 21st in cooperation with Couger corporation, the venture developer of anthropomorphic AI assistants.

More than 40 people participated in the event.  After presentations of the contest,  7 tentative teams (4-5 members each) consisting of  4-5 engineers and students were built to have discussions.


Event Details


Time Content Speaker
19:00 Opening remarks and explanation Atsushi Ishii, CEO Couger Inc.
19:10 Outline of AAO Naoya Arakawa, Director@WBAI
19:30 On the WBA award Hiroshi Yamakawa, Representative
19:45 Competition Details Keita Yanome, Digital Hollywood University
20:10 Team Building
20:40 Team Discussion
21:30 Team Presentation/
21:50 Closing

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