“Animal-AI Olympics” Meetup #2 Brush Up Your Ideas!

WBAI sponsors the “Animal-AI Olympics” (AAO) competition (organized by Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence) being held in 2019 to recreate the intelligence of animals.  The second  local meet-up for AAO was held in Tokyo on October 4th in cooperation with Couger corporation, the venture developer of anthropomorphic AI assistants.  (The article of the first meet-up is here.)

More than 20 people participated in the event, including the keynote speech by Benjamin Beyret from CFI/Imperial College London and panel discussion.

Event Details


Time Content Speakers
19:15 Opening Atsushi Ishii, CEO Couger Inc. (slides)
19:25 Keynote Speech Benjamin Beyret (Imperial College London/CFI, an Organising Committee member of AAO) (video)
20:00 Awarding Among the attended AAO participating teams, the leading three teams at the Leader Board at noon of the day were awarded.
20:05 Issues on participating AAO Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School), Hiroshi Hashimoto (Tsukuba U.), & Jun Yamada (University College London)
20:25 Points around aiming the WBA Prize Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative) (slides)
20:40 Panel Discussion Masayoshi Nakamura (Preferred Networks Inc., Engineer), Naoto Yoshida (GROOVE X, Research Engineer), Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School), Jun Yamada (University College London), Akira Hashimoto (Tsukuba University)
Moderator: Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative of WBAI)
21:10 Q&A
21:25 Member recruiting
21:30 Reception
22:00 Closing