Artificial intelligence as generally intelligent as human beings may be created by drawing on the information processing architecture of the entire brain, given the recent advances in computational resources, machine learning, and the accumulation of neuro-scientific knowledge….

Discussions started in a convivial gathering in the summer of 2013 with people including Prof. Yutaka Matsuo (Tokyo University) and Yuji Ichisugi (AIST). It was not long before we realized such an enterprise would require gathering and fostering of human resources across artificial intelligence, neuro-science, cognitive science, and machine learning. And on December 19th of the year, we gave our first seminar with the brand of “the Whole Brain Architecture”.

As our community has grown with the support of people including those who gather to our seminars, the mission for our approach ‘to create (engineer) a human-like artificial general intelligence (AGI) by learning from the architecture of the entire brain’ has been articulated.

As of 2015, we have seen the start-up of R&D organizations worldwide with the explicit goal of creating AGI. In this regard, we believe that an organization that supports community-based R&D efforts while keeping the goal for years, is required in order to meet the current expectation and accelerate research activities of the Whole Brain Architecture.

On August 21, 2015, we have established an NPO “The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative” with our supporters. We shall enhance educational activities for fostering human resources for artificial intelligence, as well as develop base software technologies with high public values in this organization.

We are looking forward to your kind supports to the organization.

Hiroshi Yamakawa, Chairperson
The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, a specified NPO