Disclosure Policy

Citizens can support NPOs with sufficient information disclosure.

The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (WBAI hereinafter) establishes the disclosure policy as follows and discloses information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Basic policy

WBAI discloses information on its activities, achievements, and finance timely and appropriately in order that its stakeholders including researchers, engineers, students, volunteers, academic partners, research institutes, private companies, could deepen the understanding of and check WBAI’s activities.

WBAI positions the disclosure of financial information as most important for fulfilling the accountability to its stakeholders.

WBAI discloses its past activities and its plans through articles and reports as well.

Disclosure standard

WBAI discloses financial information transparently according to the accounting standards for NPOs.

Disclosure method

WBAI mainly discloses information on its official website (https://wba-initiative.org/).  It also  sends reports to certain stakeholders.

Accounting reports and activity reports

Please see the annual reports.