The Fourth WBA Hackathon Report


The fourth WBA hackathon — Providing AI with gaze control — was held in October, 2018, in the spirit of our mission “to promote the open development of Whole Brain Architecture.”

Date: October 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2018
Venue: Φ Cafe, Kadokawa Hongo Bldg. 6F, 5-24-5 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Seven teams aimed for developing brain-inspired cognitive architecture capable of executing cognitive tasks by changing the provided sample code.  The hackathon featured gaze controlling tasks and the participants competed in the development of architecture to be judged with the GPS criteria for functional Generality, biological Plausibility, and computational Simplicity.

On the final day, the teams made presentations and the following prizes were given to selected teams: Best Prize ×1 (with 100 thousand JPY), Prize for Excellence ×3 (with 50 thousand JPY), Encouraging Prize ×1 (with 10 thousand JPY), and Sponsor Prize (Furuya Accounting Office AGI Prize with 50 thousand JPY).

From the experience in preparing the sample code for the hackathon, we now believe that we have reached a stage where WBA can be partly developed.

Links for Materials

Teams Participated

* GitHub links lead to the content developed during the hackathon.


OTA, Susumu

Best Prize

■ Let there be light

Matsumori, Shoya; Seno, Takuma; Abe, Yuki; Ishikawa, Toshiki

Prize for Excellence, Furuya Accounting Office AGI Prize

■ Meta Limbic System


Prize for Excellence

■ Tama-M3K

Kawazoe, Sana; Kayanuma, Shintaro; Kojima, Kazuya; Miyata, Masahiro

Prize for Excellence

■ Mynet AI

Shinji Omi; Shinya  Umeno; Tetsuya Nohama; Takatsugu Kosugi; Michika Maruyama; Takuro Moriyama; Yoshiaki Shiga; Daiki Kiribuchi; Tomoshi Ootsuki

Encouraging Prize

■ Oculodrive
hiroyuki aso

■ Moment of Eureka 2018
TODA, Keisuke


Organizer: The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative (Operated by the WBAI Supporters)
Collaborated with Dwango AI Lab.

Sponsor: Furuya Accounting Office

Supported by: